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Seniors Experiencing Social Issues in Life


Many of today’s seniors encounter various social challenges that can have unintended consequences on their health.

Our aging population may be at a greater risk for developing chronic ailments and mental illnesses due to the impact of social concerns on their mental, psychological, and physical well-being.

As a provider of non-medical home care, we are concerned about the seniors’ well-being, and we hope to shed light on the social problems that can harm their health. Here are some of the social issues they may be facing:

  • Isolation

    It’s possible that as we age, we’ll start to feel more alone. Isolation is a risk since it is more difficult to see friends and family. Depression, anxiety, and deterioration in physical health are only some of the adverse outcomes associated with social isolation among the elderly.

  • Poverty

    Retired seniors have no means of supporting themselves financially. Some retirees receive a pension, but it often isn’t enough to cover their medical expenses. They could have to keep working or go hungry if their kids can’t help. As a result, it causes them mental and physiological stress.

  • Abuse

    Senior abuse can take various forms, such as physical violence, verbal threats, psychological torture, or plain disregard. Many are often mistreated, even by members of their own families, because of the stereotype that they are helpless and defenseless in old age.

At All City Caregivers, we help many seniors live their best and care for their needs through our home care services in Simi Valley, California, for their emotional, mental, or physical well-being.

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