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Tips in Boosting Your Senior Loved Ones’ Appetite

tips-in-boosting-your-senior-loved-ones-appetitePhysiological changes such as gastrointestinal problems, dental concerns, dry mouth due to some medications, and chewing difficulty because of loose, incomplete, and damaged teeth all come alongside aging leading to a decrease in the appetite of seniors. All City Caregivers, your provider of home care services in Simi Valley, California, aims to boost your loved ones’ appetite and hereunder are some tips to achieve that:

  • Provide meals.
    The inability to provide food will hinder our patients’ regular consumption of food. This sometimes happens because they’re too old to cook for themselves, which is why as providers of home health aide in California, we ensure that their every meal is provided.
  • Establish an eating routine.
    Serving every meal in a scheduled time will condition their stomachs to feel hungry based on that schedule which helps promote better digestion.
  • Serve a variety of appetizing meals. Good food alone will not suffice. Providing them with appetizing foods in variety will help them crave and look forward to the next meal. Choose to serve colorful and nutrient-rich foods. High calorie breakfast like pancakes is also advisable. For snacks, consider high in calcium and protein foods like yogurt to improve bone health.
  • Don’t skip dehydration.
    A good meal should be served alongside hydrating and healthy beverages like water and smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in calories and nutrients.
  • Choose nutrient-dense food.
    These are foods that you can consume even in small portions yet still provide 100% vitamins, minerals, and calories such as peanut butter and avocados.

Learn from these tips and visit our website to know more about the non-medical home care services we offer!

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