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Healthy Eating Tips to Help Seniors Remain Independent

healthy-eating-tips-to-help-seniors-remain-independentA proper diet and healthy eating habits will help senior citizens remain independent for longer. It will also help reduce the risk of mental, emotional, and physical health issues like diabetes, dementia, mobility constraints, and depression. Senior citizens who have trouble maintaining a healthy diet can consider services like non-medical home care, which includes meal preparation and daily living assistance to help seniors during meal times. Seniors can also eat healthier at home by:

  • Following recommended serving sizes

    Proper weight management can reduce the risk of many health issues like joint pain, diabetes, and heart disease. Senior citizens can maintain an optimal weight by following the recommended serving sizes for their size.

  • Eat nutrient-dense meals

    Aging bodies process food differently. To help reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies, seniors should consider eating more nutrient-dense meals that provide them with all their daily essential carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Eat more healthy fats

    Healthy sources of fats help promote cardiovascular health by helping manage cholesterol levels in the body. They can also provide seniors with more energy. Our home care services in Simi Valley, California, can assist your loved ones with their Instrumental Activities of Daily Living to help your elderly loved ones with chores and errands, including meal preparation.

Age-related issues can make daily living activities like meal preparation more difficult for seniors. We provide home health aide in California to help your elderly loved ones with their daily living activities at home. Call All City Caregivers at 1-818-359-2966 for more information.

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