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Aging in Place: Tips to Increase Bathroom Safety


The bathroom can be a potentially unsafe and unforgiving place for seniors to experience a fall. The slippery flooring, hard surfaces, and small space all increase the risk of fall-related injuries. In addition to receiving senior care, it helps create a safe, comfortable environment for seniors who express a desire to age in place.

As a provider of home care assistance California, we will share tips on how to increase bathroom safety for seniors:

  • Reduce Bathroom Clutter

    Keeping the bathroom tidy is an easy and effective way to reduce the risk of falls. Bathrooms are typically cramped spaces, so additional clutter can make it more challenging for seniors to navigate the room. The bathroom floor should be free of objects that might cause seniors to stumble, such as clothing and décor items.

  • Keep Necessities Within Reach

    Accessibility is a priority in the bathroom. Seniors should be able to reach the items they need and put them away again without having to bend or stretch. This includes keeping items like shampoo, soap, and other products within reach.

  • Install Grab Bars

    Grab bars can help seniors keep their balance and stability as they get in and out of the bathtub and toilet. These are effective and economical tools that can make it easier for seniors to maneuver themselves in the bathroom.

  • Seek Additional Help

    An in-home caregiver in California can also help increase safety in the bathroom. A caregiver can provide hands-on assistance when necessary to promote good hygiene.

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