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Senior Care: Creating A Safe And Comfortable Living Environment


A lot of seniors often have trouble keeping themselves safe and comfortable in their own environment. In this case, you should do your part in creating a living environment where their safety and comfort are ensured.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating such an environment:

  1. Eliminate the need for stairs. 
    Most aging individuals have difficulties using the stairs. They may have aching joints which makes navigating the stairs difficult. Their aging bodies also have tendencies to lose balance which can be dangerous if it happens while using the stairs. As much as possible, make it so that your loved ones won’t have to use the stairs every day. For instance, moving their bedrooms from the second floor to the ground floor can really make a difference. If you can afford it, you might want to try installing a chairlift.
  2. Eliminate tripping hazards. 
    The presence of tripping hazards increases the risk of falling in seniors. These tripping hazards must be eliminated so that falling risks can be reduced, if not eliminated. In this case, you must remove clutter at all cost. Trash or toys must not be lying on the floor. They should be thrown away or stored immediately. A provider of home care services in Simi Valley California can help remove these things. Furthermore, wires must be bundled together and stored safely.
  3. Modify the home to be senior-friendly. 
    Use ergonomically-designed household items. These items will be helpful for those who have troubles with their hands due to arthritis or muscle weakness. Instead of regular faucets, use levers. Instead of a round doorknob, use a lever-type one.
  4. Install brighter lighting.
    As people age, their eye condition may also get worse. If your loved ones cannot clearly see what’s in front of them, they can put themselves in danger. Installing bright lights is a critical move that you should consider. Make sure that the lights are brighter in areas where your aging loved ones frequently stay or use.
  5. Choose appliances that are easy to use. 
    Various appliances are required for individuals to complete daily tasks. While a home health aide in California can provide them assistance in completing such tasks, seniors would want to have a certain level of independence with them. Choosing easy-to-use appliances can address this situation.

If you or a loved one needs non-medical home care, don’t hesitate to contact All City Caregivers. We have services that can be personalized to accommodate your needs.

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