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The Health Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults


Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for all ages, one of which is exercising regularly. As we age, however, incorporating physical activity into our daily routines becomes more of a challenge. Yoga is generally recommended for seniors as it offers numerous benefits and is a low-impact workout that promotes mobility.

As an established provider of home care assistance California, we will discuss the health benefits of yoga for aging adults:

  • Improve Stability and Balance

    Many yoga poses focus on improving stability and balance, which are both essential as you age. Yoga strengthens the muscles and improves your balance to reduce the risk of falls. An increase in stability and strength can also help older adults bounce back and recover should they experience a fall.

  • Increase Flexibility and Joint Health

    Yoga is a gentle exercise that helps increase flexibility. Flexibility exercises can help improve joint health and manage osteoarthritis. This loosens the muscles and tones the supporting muscles near the joints to prevent injury.

  • Manage Hypertension

    Hypertension can lead to cardiovascular disease. Yoga is effective in reducing oxidative stress in seniors. This is one of the underlying causes of hypertension and is a strong risk factor for heart attacks.

  • Reduce Anxiety

    Aside from receiving companion care, yoga is also effective in relaxing the mind and body. Yoga sessions are calm and restorative to help reduce anxiety and stress in seniors and boost their mood.

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