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A Guide to Communicating with Dementia Patients


Communicating with dementia patients can be difficult, but knowing where to begin can make a difference. Whether you’re a caregiver in California or a family member who wants to communicate right, here are some tips you need.

  • Give them space to speak.

    If you’re a caregiver providing home care assistance California for dementia patients, you may notice they talk less and experience difficulty in expressing themselves. It may discourage them from communicating. To help them, try to speak clearly and slowly, make eye contact, and give them time to respond to prevent them from feeling pressured to respond.

  • Use body language.

    Communicating through physical contact can be a light pat on the shoulder or holding the patient’s hand. It’s vital to pay attention to their body language and evaluate whether they feel comfortable with you or not. When you encourage them to communicate, let them know it can be through verbal or physical connection.

  • Listen attentively.

    When providing non-medical home care for dementia patients, listen carefully. Remember that listening is as essential as speaking. If you didn’t hear clearly, repeat what they said and ask the patient if it’s correct. Otherwise, politely ask them to repeat what they said.

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