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What Questions Should I Ask Potential Caregivers?

Are you looking into hiring a home health aide in California for your senior loved one? Not quite sure where to start? You are not alone! Hiring a professional caregiver can be beneficial not just for your loved one, but yourself as well. With a caregiver’s help, you can ensure that your loved one has … Continue reading

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Dementia: How Can You Prevent Wandering?

You don’t want a loved one with dementia to experience being lost. But, how can you protect them if they keep wandering? All City Caregivers puts together a list of tips to help you out: Create a daily routine. A schedule of activities helps your loved one stay on track. It not only keeps them … Continue reading

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The Perks of Becoming Grandparents

Parenting your own children is so fulfilling but you can’t deny how demanding the whole experience was all those years. You probably remember the things you had to do like changing diapers, dropping them off to kindergarten, soccer practice, dance recitals, making Halloween costumes, shopping for prom, sending them to college, and everything else in … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Overcome Caregiver Guilt

Are you worried about not properly caring for your aging loved one? This is just one of the many reasons why family caregivers can feel guilty about their role. Yet, as a Non-medical Home Care provider, we believe such thoughts of guilt are real and are often felt by those in caregiving roles. This doesn’t … Continue reading

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