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Be the Support They Need in Trying Times


Having a health condition such as cancer is nowhere near easy. From the moment your loved one hears about the shocking news to the challenges and pain they will experience as they battle the disease, palliative care can be a big help in their life.

Seeing their struggles can be heartbreaking, and you can only imagine what they are going through. Perhaps you are confused if there is any possibility that you can make them feel at ease, even just for a little bit. Worry no more because All City Caregivers, a provider of home care assistance California, is here to give you tips on how you can be the support they need in trying times, such as the following:

  • Let them know that you are one call away.
    Assure them by frequently checking in on them and telling them you will always care.
  • Make time to visit them.
    Your presence can help them take their minds off of their worries so they can relax.
  • Prioritize lending your ear.
    Your loved one will greatly appreciate giving them space to open up or vent about how they feel.

Aside from that, it’s also a great idea to inform your loved one and their caregiver that you are willing to take care of errands and other needs that they can entrust to you. If your loved one is alone, it may be best to encourage them to find a caregiver in California who will focus on their welfare at all times.

Your loved one deserves to feel as comfortable as possible with all the burden they have to carry while living with cancer. Get in touch with us today for top-notch in-home care in Simi Valley, California!


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