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Simple Steps to Maintain a Healthy Memory

Simple Steps to Maintain a Healthy Memory

Memories keep us smiling even in toughest times. It reminds us that life is beautiful and there’s so much out there that we need to explore. Our memories are treasures, our deepest source of happiness, it gives us the feeling of accomplishment. There are happenings in our lives that though are not that desirable still has to be remembered for life lessons and some sort. As we age, some of these memories fade. We might not notice it initially but if we try to recall some important happenings in our life, some details might be missing already. This is what is happening to our elderlies. Their memories are slowly fading away, this is normal in aging but it doesn’t mean we can’t prevent it.

Our brain, just like any other organs in our body, also needs pampering so we can maximize its function. If well-taken care of, our brain will keep our most treasured memories in return. Aging plays a big factor because of our brains’ wear and tear. That is the main culprit why our elderlies are having a hard time remembering which ends up into something worse if no intervention is given. There are simple steps that can be done at home with in-home services to protect the functionality of our brain.

  1. Exercise
    – Daily walks can do so much to our body and that includes our brain. It also helps in avoiding illnesses that may lead to memory loss.
  2. Healthy Diet
    – Eat more fruits, vegetables, and fish. Avoid red meats like pork and beef. Avoid starchy and oily foods.
  3. Mental Exercise
    – Board and card games are considered as exercises for the brain. Mentally challenging engagements are healthy for your brain.
  4. Be socially connected
    – Being socially connected helps the memory especially for our elderly loved ones because it lightens their mood.
  5. Enough Sleep
    – As we sleep our brain rests and regenerates.
  6. Avoid Stress
    – Stress results in the release of cortisol in our body. This hormone results in the difficulty of pulling information in our brain. If you might have observed, people experiencing stress tend to forget a lot of things.
  7. Do not Smoke
    – Smoking puts nicotine in our body and it speeds up brain degeneration, therefore, faster memory loss.
  8. Regular Check-Up
    – Our aging loved ones have to be checked by a physician regularly because a lot of age-related illnesses cause memory loss.

All City Caregivers, a provider of Home Care Services in Simi Valley, CA, offers Non-medical Home Care. Our team aims to maximize our elderlies comfort and enjoyment in the comfort of their own home. Most of the elderly loved ones at home are always at risk, but with All City Caregivers, we have the right people who can help in daily living. We believe that memory loss should not be a threat all the time, our caregivers are highly trained to promote mental health. If you think this post is helpful, share this on your social media account and let your friends and loved ones know!

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