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Diet Assistance for Seniors with Osteoporosis


As one of the age-related illnesses affecting the elderly population, osteoporosis brings about a lot of risks for seniors. These include the risks of falls and injuries which are not ideal for their age. To minimize these incidences, your loved one has to be constantly assisted with either by a family caregiver or a home health aide in California.

One of the important items that have to be included in the care list when your loved ones have osteoporosis is their diet list. Ensure that their meals are healthy and most especially, filled with bone-building essentials.

As a leading provider of home care services in Simi Valley California, we would like to share with you this helpful guide on what to prepare for your senior loved one with osteoporosis.

Ensure that your loved one is consuming calcium-rich foods.

Calcium is that essential element for bone-building. More than any other minerals, calcium is highly sought after by the body with osteoporosis. As calcium can also be lost every day, it’s vital that your loved one has to eat calcium-rich foods daily to replenish what they’ve lost.

Here are some calcium-rich foods that are ideal for seniors:

  • Sardines in oil especially those with bones
  • Yogurt
  • Milk, cheese
  • Orange juice boosted by calcium
  • Kale, broccoli,
  • Tofu
  • Egg

Take calcium supplement

While the food that your aging family member eats has to be enriched with calcium, it’s also an aging challenge for them to eat. Some seniors may not be able to eat the food that they need to eat. Hence, the calcium supplements will work to help them recover the mineral they’re unable to take from their meals. Ideally, seniors will need 1,200 mg of calcium to supplement their dietary needs every day. However, don’t forget to request for their doctor’s advice before taking these supplements.

Take vitamin D supplement

Vitamin D is that essential vitamin that empowers the body to absorb more calcium. With the sufficient amount of vitamin D, your loved one is also able to get more calcium from their meals or supplements. Vitamin D can be stimulated with regular exposure to morning sunshine. It can also be sourced from vitamin D-rich foods. If these options are less possible for your senior loved one to attain, help them take their vitamin D supplement. As always, consult with their doctor first should your family member needs this vitamin.

These are just some of the guidelines in assisting the dietary needs of your aging loved one who have osteoporosis. When you can’t be personally around to care for them, our team at All City Caregivers can help you out.

As your partner in providing non-medical home care, we help assist your aging loved one to their dietary needs. With our meal preparation expertise and even medication management skills, your aging family members can manage their osteoporosis condition well.

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