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Tests That Determine the Bone Health of Seniors

Tests That Determine the Bone Health of Seniors

As people age, the body becomes at risk of bone problems as it reabsorbs calcium from the bones instead of keeping them. Thus, your bones may become brittle and weak, leading to osteoporosis and other related health issues.

There are procedures that seniors under non-medical home care can undergo to determine their musculoskeletal status:

  • X-ray
    It is a procedure that detects fractures, dislocations, and inflammation of bones with the use of radiation.
  • CT Scan
    A more comprehensive type of X-ray that takes images in layers or slices. You will go through a doughnut-shaped scanner while in a lying position.
  • MRI
    You will enter a tunnel-like machine that uses magnetic fields and radio waves instead of an X-ray, to get the images of body structures. Experts use it in examining muscles, soft tissues, ligaments, and cartilages, aside from the bones.
  • Bone Scan
    This procedure involves an injection of a radioactive substance to detect inflammations or tumors in bones that might lead to cancer.
  • Bone Densitometry Test
    Also known as a DEXA scan, this test measures the number of minerals, and if a person is at risk of fractures. It determines the density and fragility of bones, thus, preventing osteoporosis or treating it early.

Ask assistance from a home health aide in California when you need accompaniment to procedure appointments and schedules, especially when your elder is at risk of falls.

We must always consider the overall health of seniors in a holistic approach. If you need home care services in Simi Valley, California, entrust your loved ones’ wellness with All City Caregivers.

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