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Be That One Your Elders Can Talk To

You may have spent some years in which you and your parents have been very busy with each of your individual endeavors. As such, you might not have been able to have meaningful conversations as each of your work has taken away the time you might have otherwise spent with each other. Now that your … Continue reading

Post-Stroke: Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

A stroke is a sudden interruption in the brain’s blood supply, and it is prevalent among the elderly. But there is still hope for recovery from stroke. Many post-stroke care programs such as physical, recreational, and occupational therapy can help stroke survivors relearn skills that have been lost or compromised. You can check with your … Continue reading

Keeping Older Adults Hydrated

Dehydration occurs when a person loses more water than they take in. And it is very common among older adults. Seniors have a greater risk of becoming dehydrated than younger people since the body’s mechanisms that protect us from dehydration work less as we age. Underlying conditions and chronic diseases are also some of the … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

All City Caregivers, a trusted provider of home care services in Simi Valley, California, debunks some of the most common myths surrounding Alzheimer’s disease. Myth: It’s a normal part of aging. Fact: Some memory loss is a normal part of aging. For instance, it’s normal to forget where you placed your keys from time to … Continue reading

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