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Post-Stroke: Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

Post-Stroke: Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

A stroke is a sudden interruption in the brain’s blood supply, and it is prevalent among the elderly. But there is still hope for recovery from stroke. Many post-stroke care programs such as physical, recreational, and occupational therapy can help stroke survivors relearn skills that have been lost or compromised. You can check with your doctor or your non-medical home care provider for recommendations for a therapist.

Also, awareness, sensitivity, and patience are vital for helping a stroke victim. We have listed here some caregiver tips for post-stroke care:

  • Assess the home environment if it needs any alterations.
    A home’s features and furniture can pose challenges to a stroke victim.
  • Encourage exercise.
    Walking promotes stroke recovery. There are also arm and leg exercises that can reduce the risk of falling.
  • Manage medications.
    Make sure that your loved ones take their medications on time. Also, monitor the side effects of the prescriptions, and report any unwanted symptoms to their doctors right away.
  • Keep their brain active.
    Encourage brain games like crossword puzzles and board games. Music is also a good stimulus, and it can help trigger cognitive awareness.
  • Ask for support.
    Don’t hesitate to seek assistance. You can ask your family, friends, caregivers, and the community for help. If needed, get a home health aide in California who can offer extra help for you.

With the right support, stroke patients can live healthy and fulfilling lives again. If you need home care services in Simi Valley, CaliforniaAll City Caregivers can help you with what you need. Schedule an appointment with us!

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