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Physical Changes that Require Home Care Assistance

Physical Changes that Require Home Care Assistance

It is true that not all seniors require the assistance of a Home Health Aide in California. However, those who do should be provided with this help right away so that their quality of life is maintained and their independence is promoted.

To know that your aging loved one needs some assistance at home, it is vital to notice certain signs, especially the changes in their physical functions. Here are the common physical changes you need to watch out for:

  • Weight Loss
    Seniors can have changes in their weight due to many causes, which include loss of appetite, medication side effects, sensory changes, loneliness, or an undiagnosed illness. When you observe that your loved one has a drastic loss of weight, they may be at risk of further complications. Request for someone to provide them with Non-medical Home Care and assistance.
  • Difficulty When Getting Up
    Whether it’s getting up from their bed or their chair, this kind of difficulty can affect your loved one’s wellbeing in the aging season. As soon as you notice this difficulty, get them some assistance. There are lesser chances of falling when someone can help them to get up.
  • Unexplained Bruises
    Have you observed some bruises on their arms and legs that they can’t explain to you? This can signify that your loved one’s physical strength has declined and they will be in need of help to stand steady or walk safely. Take these unexplained bruises seriously because if they have fallen before, the risk of experiencing it again is double.
  • Mobility Issues
    When your aging loved one begins to walk slowly, they can be going through joint pains that make their mobility extra challenging. Their balance can be affected as they walk, which puts them at risk of falls. Our team can assist them with their mobility needs and provide Home Care Services in Simi Valley, California.

When you spot most of these signs, our team can help you. Set an appointment with us at All City Caregivers so your loved one can get the assistance they need. Ask us for inquiries.

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