Our Caregivers

Entrusting the care of a loved one to a total stranger can be quite daunting and frightening at the same time, that is why All City Caregivers runs a thorough background screening on each caregiver. Before they are hired, we let them go through several interviews first. We look for a strong employment history in caring for seniors and have references from reliable sources.

We attract and maintain the best quality caregivers available because once they are hired, they are properly compensated and are treated fairly. We only retain those who truly show that they cherish and respect other people’s place in our community, especially the elderly.

We only refer to you the caregiver who is experienced in providing the services your loved one needs. We arrange for you and your family to interview any prospective caregiver that we recommend before any services are performed.

The decision is ultimately yours. You are in charge.

Please meet some of our caregivers and staff

Joel J.
Brentwood and Hancock Park, Los Angeles

Dina H.
HHA, Camarillo
Taking care of same client for the past 5 years

Dennis B.
Taking care of same client in Camarillo for the past 4 years

Rose T.
HHA (Home Health Aide)
Beverly Hills
Now 5 years with the same client

Baby M.
Case Management and Marketing
Been in the industry for the past 10 years.

Woodland Hills/Encino