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How to Enhance Memory Skills for Older Adults

Memories from the older adult generation cannot be remembered easily. It may take some time before they can recall the full event of their past. With home care services in Simi Valley, California, you get help with enhancing that remembering past moments. Lifestyle changes can improve the way that older adults think. With continued support … Continue reading

The Essential Role of Health and Wellness Among the Elderly

There are many factors in our health that will deteriorate or get compromised as we age. That is why maintaining and improving our overall health should always be our top priority so we can still have our independence in living and enhance our quality of life. Certain services such as Non-medical Home Care that offers … Continue reading

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Companionship: A Way to Fight Senior Depression

According to WebMD, about 6 million Americans aging 65 and above are affected by late-life depression. There are various causes behind the condition among seniors who have it. These causes include chronic disease, medication, lack of social life, and a lot more. Being isolated or living alone, especially during the pandemic, is one of the … Continue reading

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Tests That Determine the Bone Health of Seniors

As people age, the body becomes at risk of bone problems as it reabsorbs calcium from the bones instead of keeping them. Thus, your bones may become brittle and weak, leading to osteoporosis and other related health issues. There are procedures that seniors under non-medical home care can undergo to determine their musculoskeletal status: X-ray … Continue reading

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