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Health and Wellness Tips for Seniors


Aging can hit you hard in many forms, from health challenges and family moving out, to social isolation and loneliness. Even with that said, we’ve only just covered the tip of the iceberg. It’s a good thing that many of us are no strangers to these trials. We’ve seen loved ones of friends and relatives go through them, and even our own.

All City Caregivers, a provider of Home Care Services in Simi Valley CA, is all about keeping seniors healthy and happy at home.

What happens when you reach “that” age? We’ve compiled a list that will help anyone approaching 65 years old live a healthier and more meaningful life.

  1. Do away with vices.
    Drinking and smoking are some of your biggest enemies, and they become even more vicious as you age. Taking this crucial step helps you improve your health and well-being significantly. And let’s not forget to mention the dangers of second-hand smoke; you definitely don’t want your family members, or anyone you’re living with for that matter, to be exposed to such pollution.
  2. Nothing beats exercise.
    Not only does exercise make us fit, it also keeps us feeling young and energetic. Older adults who don’t engage in an active lifestyle will have trouble maintaining their endurance, flexibility, and strength. They’ll also typically find themselves dealing with mobility issues in their senior years.
  3. Eating right.
    You can’t argue that eating right is always going to be a factor in maintaining health and wellness throughout life. We’re talking about the nutrients you’re taking into your body. We are talking about healthy and well-balanced meals that are your source of energy and keep you active even as you age. Not to mention, healthy food helps combat any health challenges you may be experiencing too.
  4. Fall prevention methods.
    There are plenty of irrefutable truths about aging, most of them we don’t like hearing. However, it is a must that these matters are discussed, most especially those pertaining to falls and accidents at home. As we get older, we tend to develop issues with mobility and balance. These physical setbacks make it very easy for seniors to trip, lose their balance, and fall. Fall prevention methods greatly decrease the risk of these incidents taking place. Have a meeting with your family to ensure that the floors, stairways, and hallways are regularly cleared of clutter and non-slip rugs and handlebars are placed in the bathroom.
  5. Avoid stress.
    We cannot deny that stress sometimes seeks us out and that no matter how much we try to avoid, it’s going to find us anyway. Well, as a senior, it’s of utmost importance to steer clear of these types of situations. You’ll want to concentrate on living a happy life instead of circumstances that get your blood pressure rising.

Partnering with providers of Non-medical Home Care will definitely help you or your senior loved one accomplish all these things and more.

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