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Encouraging Seniors to Exercise by Walking


Many aging adults feel limited. Their age and existing medical conditions can hinder them from eating foods they used to like and doing activities they used to enjoy. They also have limited options in terms of an exercise routine.

All City Caregivers are experts in non-medical home care. We offer a range of services that aim to elevate the life of ailing seniors. One of our key goals is to ensure that our patients stay healthy. We do more than prepare healthy meals and do personal care, we also encourage them to exercise. One of our favorite activities includes walking.

Walking has many benefits. It helps improve bone and muscle health and is a good cardio exercise. It is also low-impact, so seniors can do it. In many places, there are senior walking groups, where people of higher age brackets take walks around parks and scenic sights to exercise and enjoy. For those who do not belong in groups and have more mobility limitations, they can do assisted walking with the help of a home health aide in California.

Entrust your senior family to us, a provider of excellent home care services in Simi Valley, California. We treat them with genuine kindness and respect. We also have a wide range of offerings.

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