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Cognitive Health: Age-Related Memory Changes

Cognitive Health: Age-Related Memory Changes

As a person ages, it is normal to experience memory loss. Some examples could include forgetfulness and difficulty recalling names and events, among others. Physiological changes that come with aging can affect how the brain processes things. As a result, we experience some cognitive decline. 

Being a provider of Non-medical Home Care, we can say there’s not much cause for worry. As stated above, minor memory lapses are quite common and expected with aging. But, we can’t help to be concerned about our cognitive abilities. 

We are familiar with the symptoms of these age-related memory changes. The reason being that we are a leading provider of Home Health Aide in California. Here are some of them that are no cause for worry:

  • Difficulty recalling names
  • Forgetting the date but remembering it later
  • Misplacing things from time-to-time but can still find them later
  • Pausing to remember directions
  • Difficulty in finding the right word sometimes

Symptoms that are worse than those listed above might be signs of dementia and other issues. We recommend that people who experience worse symptoms, or even strange symptoms not on the list, consult with a physician or a psychiatrist.

We at All City Caregivers care about the mental health of the people in our community. As the favorite provider of Home Care Services in Simi Valley, California, of many of our community residents, we endeavor to provide more insightful information like this post. If you want to learn more about us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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