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A Senior’s Guide to Exercising Right


Exercise is always going to be important no matter how old you are. However, it’s never as vital as when you’re a senior who’s still looking to enjoy and live life to its fullest.

Aging has been known to get the better of our bodies and minds. And while the desire to live life might still be there, critical factors may stand in the way. If you are looking for providers of Home Care Services in Simi Valley CA, make sure senior health and fitness are among their top priorities. You can count on All City Caregivers to have these on the top of our list.

The Benefits of Exercise

As a senior, you will find that exercising regularly provides you with a slew of health benefits. It allows you to maintain a healthy body weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. You also become stronger, have more endurance, more flexibility, and better balance. A combination of all these factors make it easier for you to live a meaningful life way beyond your sixties.

Plan Your Healthy Lifestyle Change

If you’re an older adult on the brink of becoming a senior, you should start thinking about living an active lifestyle. If you already are, however, then we commend you. You’ve probably done your research, talked to your doctors and therapists, and established the ideal workout routine to keep you fit and healthy considering your health condition.

While the statement “better late than never” remains true even in these circumstances, we’d like to emphasize that prevention is always better than cure. If you can (and of course you can!), start living healthy now and prevent yourself from suffering the consequences later.

Exercising and Eating Right

Maintaining an active lifestyle must also come with the right nutritional intake. How else are you going to get the energy to go through your workout routines? Eating healthy and well-balanced meals that are rich in fiber and low in fat and sugar is going to do a senior (and just about anyone) a whole lot of good. When you pair this with the ideal exercise routine, you’ll be an unstoppable force even at 65!

Discuss Matters with Your Doctor

Keeping a fitness routine when you’re older isn’t quite the same as when you’re younger and had a lot of energy. Other concerns you’re going to be dealing with are the medical conditions which will appear at some point. This means that you won’t be able to just apply a routine that you think is going to work.

Only a care professional can answer this question: “Can I engage in my workout routine alone or do I need a Home Health Aide in California to guide me through the process?”

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