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5 Healthy Habits to Practice at Home

Healthy Habits to Practice at Home

There’s a good reason why prevention is indeed better than cure. So much of major health issues can actually be prevented early on if the patients have carried out healthy practices. However, the word “habit” can also mean over-familiarity, which means that a healthy practice can be easily neglected. When it comes to achieving your overall health and wellness, there’s no substitute for basic hygiene care, which is your frontline defense against serious illnesses and complications.

In our experience of providing home care services in Simi Valley CA, we have seen the lasting benefits of performing basic healthy habits regularly, or better, daily. These healthy habits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Taking a bath

    While some age-related conditions can keep a person from bathing daily, there are important areas that should be washed.

    • Hair – if you’re not bathing the whole body, at least apply dry shampoo

    • Armpits – proper washing can ward off the bad odor

    • Arms and legs – regular washing helps shed off dead skin cells

    • Folded skin – dirt can easily accumulate in folded areas

  2. Trimming the nails

    A well-trimmed set of nails can prevent the accumulation of dirt inside the nails. It also helps prevent issues such as hangnails, infection, and athlete’s foot. If you’re caring for someone with diabetes, nail trimming needs extra caution as a minor wound can take longer to heal. You can seek assistance from a home health aide in California for safer care practice.

  3. Brushing teeth and flossing after

    Bad dental hygiene can cause the buildup of bacteria inside the mouth, particularly along the gumlines. Aside from bad breath, poor oral care can also result in gum diseases, tooth decay, and plaque buildup. It’s vital to brush your teeth after every meal, or twice a day at a minimum. After brushing teeth, floss in between teeth. Then use mouthwash for a final rinse.

  4. Washing hands

    Washing one’s hands is a basic practice that you have probably learned even in childhood. But, this habit can save you from infectious diseases that are easily passed through the hands. Also, if you’re the one carrying the virus, such as a cough or colds, you can help stop passing it on by washing your hands after sneezing.

  5. Sleeping well

    The ideal amount of time varies for every age. But for all grownups, the minimum of eight hours of straight sleep is already good enough. Sleeping well can put your body in relax mode, thereby promoting the healthy transition of your cells. A good night rest can also make you more alert, focused, and enables your mind to reason and decide well.

At All City Caregivers, we partner with you in achieving the overall health and wellness of your loved one at home. When you need our assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have qualified and experienced staff ready to respond to your requests.

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